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Scratch - Python - Arduino - LEGO - VEX IQ
Please note that I have recently moved from California and am not yet providing any technology or education classes in our new location in Silvedale, Washington.
If you are in the Silverdale/Bremerton area and are interested in setting up or joining classes in robotics or programming, please email

The links below and other resources on this web site mostly describe past programs in California.
Scratch Programming

Scratch programming
Arduino Robotics

Arduino Robot Examples
of Camp and Class Activities

Python Programming

Python programming
LEGO/VEX IQ Robotics

LEGO and EX Robots
Purchase Robot Kit Label Files

Robotics Kit Storage Labels

"My now 11-year-old son has attended several sessions of summer camps for a couple of years now, and they've been fantastic. My son has Asperger's, so it's great for him to be able to socialize with other kids who share his interests, and Steve has been great at working with my son to help him navigate the social aspects of interacting and working with others. He's learned a ton about programming and design/building, but also has really made progress in his cooperative and teamwork skills due to the collaborative projects. Steve does a great job at managing the group as a whole while still giving each kid individualized attention. My son is looking forward to attending again this summer!"

"My 9 year-old son has been to all kinds of Lego camps for the past few summers and he said Steve's Lego camp is by far the best! He said, "Steve is an awesome teacher. I learned so much in a short time, the camp was not so crowded, and we got to play in the park during breaks". He also learned to organize his EV3 set in a toolbox with labels designed by Steve."

Home Contact Classes Resources About Robotics Learning