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Python Programming
Summer Day Camp

last offered July 25-29, 2016

Palo Alto, California
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Python programming Other Camp Sessions:

Scratch Programming

Arduino Robots

This is a beginner's introduction to Python programming. Programming concepts and techniques are introduced and practiced through a series of fun programming examples. Topics include: using variables, turtle graphics, defining new object classes, interactive application with buttons, animation, and creating a simple interactive game. Class sessions include sample programs explained by the instructor and time for students to work on the programs with help provided. Students should have a USB flash drive to take their python projects home.

This programming class is recommended for ages 10 to 14.   This is an afternoon half day session.  Computers are provided for use during camp.  Students can also copy their programs to a flash drive to work on their projects on a computer at home.

Students enrolled in all day combined Scratch and Python Programming camp should bring a lunch and will be supervised during the Noon hour.

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Python Programming
last offered July 25-29, 2016
Mon-Fri (1PM-4PM)
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Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Overview of selected Python lesson topics
Unit Lesson Materials Topics and Notes
Preparation Python installation instructions (already installed on classroom computers)
1 Lesson 1 - HelloWorld Using IDLE
Text based programs
2 Lesson 2 - GuessingGame Text based interactive guessing game program
3 Lesson 3 - Turtle Graphics Creating Drawings and Shapes
shapes 345
4 Lesson 4 - Tkinter Graphics canvas arc
also see Tkinter documentation
5 Lesson 5 - Python Classes and Objects Introduction to objects and classes
Define objects to draw a graphics scene
6 Lesson 6 - Tkinter User Interface Interactive Programs with Buttons and Mouse Events
Tk GUI Example
7 Lesson 7 - Animation and Keyboard Control Animated Graphics and Keyboard Events
ball hit
8 Lesson 8 - An Interactive Handball Game Using Classes and Objects to program an interactive game
9 Lesson 9 - Lunar Lander Simulation Program an interactive Lunar Lander simulation
Lunar Lander
finch robot Finch Robot Lessons Exercises and Examples using the Finch Robot
Finch Robot
Python Documentation - Python Glossary

Robotics Learning Python class materials 2015 Steve Putz.