Print your own Labels for Storage Case for
LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Home Robotics Set

Important: You must obtain the case and print the labels yourself (details below).

  • This is for the Home version EV3 LEGO retail set #31313
    (not the NXT, not the LEGO Education nor FLL versions).
  • The labels show color pictures and part counts for 61 separate storage compartments
    for sorting parts from a LEGO Home EV3 set.
To complete this case, you must first obtain the Storehouse #68238 toolbox shown below,
available from Harbor Freight Tools.
  • This is a medium size carying case with 4 internal storage boxes.
  • Case sze: 13"L x 9"W x 13"H
EV3 Home Robot
NOTE:These labels are designed for the EV3 Home set and case described here.
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PDF Files for
Printing Labels
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for PDF files for
you to print one set of labels
for this EV3 Home
Storage Case
(Storehouse #68238)

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